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Every giant holding company once had humble beginnings. While large holding companies often steal the spotlight, it's crucial to remember that 90% of U.S. agencies are small to medium-sized firms, brimming with potential for career growth and advancement. Our goal is to unify the industry, not just highlighting the major players in metropolitan areas, but embracing agencies of all sizes everywhere. Leveling the Playing Field: The Big Agencies Don't Get All the Fun Advertising is not just about the giants in the industry. Smaller agencies are hotbeds of creativity and collaboration. Launching the I ♥ The Work community creates an inclusive space where talent from agencies of all sizes can share insights, celebrate successes, and learn from each other, ensuring that the industry's connectivity is its strength. Cutting Through the Noise: Beyond Facebook and LinkedIn While Facebook and LinkedIn groups have been traditional go-to platforms, they often get bogged down with irrelevant content and spam. A dedicated, invite-only Slack community offers a focused, curated environment where discussions are more relevant, engaging, and beneficial to everyone that loves the work. Creating an Agency Hub: A Community for Everyone One key gap in the industry is the lack of a centralized community that caters to every role within an agency. From creatives to coders, account managers to media buyers, a Slack community can be structured to provide tailored channels, fostering specific discussions and engagement opportunities for each role. Real-Time Collaboration and Support In an industry that's always on the move, this community allows for real-time interaction and support. Whether it’s quick advice, feedback on a project, or urgent industry updates, this platform facilitates immediate communication, making it invaluable for professionals who are constantly growing and adapting. A Network of Mentorship and Growth We believe this community can cultivate growth for everyone seeking mentorship and wisdom. Covid shattered the framework of collaboration that the office has always provided and the move to work-from-home has left many struggling to connect and grow. Seasoned pros can guide green newbies, and everyone can benefit from shared experiences and wisdom. This collaborative culture fosters personal and professional growth, crucial for career advancement in the ever-evolving ad business. Access to Exclusive Opportunities and Resources Our community can also be a gateway to exclusive job listings, workshops, webinars, and resources that are not readily available elsewhere. It’s a unique opportunity for members to gain access to tools and opportunities that can help sharpen their ideas and confidence. Fostering a Culture of Inclusivity and Innovation Finally, building this community is about creating an environment that champions true inclusivity and innovation. It’s a space where every voice matters, where diverse ideas are celebrated, and where the collective wisdom of the industry drives the return of big ideas. Oh, and the most important part: No Haters Allowed. We reserve the right to remove anyone, anytime, for any reason. If you ♥ the work, please help us spread the word. You can request access to the I ♥ The Work slack community here:
Are you curious about working in an advertising agency? One of the coolest sounding job is a project manager. But what does that mean, and how do you become one? Let's find out! Starting as a Helper: Account Coordinator or Traffic Manager First, you might start with a job like an Account Coordinator or Traffic Manager. These jobs are like being a helper to other account managers or project managers. You make sure all the day's work is organized and ready for other people to get done. It's a great way to learn how everything works in an ad agency and get exposure to all the various projects types and team talents. Becoming Promoted to a Project Manager Next, you might become a Project Manager. Now, you're in charge of planning when and how projects get done. For larger projects, like websites, you may be building and managing project plans that span months or even years. For all of your projects, you'll plan what needs to be done, and by whom, each day or week and keep the Account Managers informed so they can effectively manage client expectations. It's like being the captain of a ship, making sure everything is smooth sailing and there's no trouble in the seas or on the horizon. Moving Up: Resource Manager or Program Manager After that, you could become a Resource Manager or Program Manager. In these jobs, you're like a coach. You help decide which team members should do which jobs. It's important because it helps Project Managers know who is available to work on different assignments they have each week. Leaders: Director of Operations Later, you could become a Director of Operations. Now you're a boss, or more importantly a Leader. You look at how the whole agency works and make sure systems are running well, deadlines are being hit, budgets are aligned and teams are profitable. You keep check that all the projects are being done according to your agency's standard operating procedures, and you're closely monitoring agency data and performance scorecards. The Bigwigs: VP, Operations or COO The top jobs are usually VP, Operations or COO (Chief Operating Officer). These are the super big bosses. They take care of the whole agency's service delivery, staffing plans and financial benchmarks. They make sure the agency is doing both great work and making money. Other Cool Agency Jobs: Producers and Production Managers There are also functions within agencies called Producers and Production Managers. Producers work with people outside the agency, like videographers or photographers, who are needed at project level. Production Managers work with companies that produce things for the agency, like magazine advertising, brochures, or direct mail. In today's agencies, Production Managers are more common in brand, direct marketing, print and experiential agencies and less needed in digital and web development shops. Project Manager or Account Manager: It's Okay to Pick Sides In an ad agency, some people like working with clients (like Account Managers ), and some like organizing the agency's work (like Project Managers). Both are important, and it's okay to like one more than the other. It's even better if you are highly skilled at both. The Wrap Up So, that's how you can grow from being a helper to a leader in an ad agency. Each job teaches you new things and helps you get ready for the next one. Whether you like talking to clients or planning projects, there's a fun and important job for you in advertising! You may also be interested in reading:  Common Career Paths for Account Management Roles in Advertising Agencies and Corporate Marketing Teams
Hey there, and welcome to I ♥ the Work! Are you curious about marketing and account management career paths in the world of advertising and marketing? Whether agency or client-side, marketing is a cool place where creativity meets business. But have you ever wondered how people grow their careers in this field? Let's dive in! Remember, every company is a bit different, so the job titles and paths may vary or change for each organization and the alignment comes in the responsibilities of each role.   Think of this as a easy map to guide you through the adventures of advertising and marketing careers and keep in mind that you can hop back and forth from agency to client, client to agency, throughout your career to increase your overall value as a marketer. Ad Agency Account Management Career Path: Imagine you're in a team that supports clients in an advertising agency. Here's how you might climb up: Starting Out : You might begin as a Marketing Coordinator, Account Coordinator, or Project Coordinator . Here, you're the superhero's sidekick, learning the ropes and helping out wherever you can. Moving Up : Next, you could become an Account Manager (AM) or Account Executive (AE) — there's many opinions on the difference between "manager" and "executive", but we're mashing the two as one. Either way, now you're the superhero! You're the main contact for clients, making sure both their needs and your agencies needs are met. Gaining Experience : As you get really good at building trust and leading clients, you may become a Senior Account Manager or Executive . You've got more responsibility, probably manage a few ACs, AMs, or AEs, and maybe start enjoying pitching and selling so much that your thinking about switching to Sales/Business Development . Closing deals is like adding a new superpower to your skills! Taking the Lead : Then, you might be promoted to Account Director/Group Account Director . You're leading the team now! Some people here evolve into Marketing Strategists or Account Planners . You're not just managing your teams; you're creating bold strategies for clients and staying strategically aligned with their business goals. The C-Suite : Agencies aren't full of C-level titles so usually the Bigwigs are Account Supervisor, VP of Accounts, VP of Strategy, or VP of New Business Development . You're a big deal now, making important decisions and leading the way for your agency and your clients.   Oh, wait... "how long does it take to be a Bigwig?" That's kid of like asking, "How much does that building weigh?" There's no easy answer. The easiest way to see how far others have come in the roles before you is to look at their titles and how many years of experience that have. Agency Media Career Paths: Now, let's say you realize early in your career you enjoy budgeting, planning and analytics more than building client relationships. If so, then media may be just the path for you. Starting Out : You may begin as a Media Specialist . You're learning about where and when to place ads, mostly likely digital placements in Google and Meta platforms today. In the early years of media you'll be in the platforms "doing the clicking" to create and manage campaigns. Climbing Higher : Next up is Media Planner . You're now planning the media mix and recommending where to place ads to get the most relevant audiences to engage. Top of the Ladder : The end goal is to become a Media Director or VP of Media . You're now accountable for all media-related things for your clients and your agencies media operations. Big responsibility as you get into the millions of dollars each month! Corporate Marketing Career Paths This is for those who work within a company or client, and not on the agency-side. There are pros and cons to working on both the client or agency side and it is my beleif that a well-rounded marketer will do both during their career. Getting Started : You might start as a Marketing Coordinator . You're helping with various marketing tasks and possibly project management to keep projects moving. Manager Level : Then you move up to Marketing Manager . You're managing both marketing projects and an internal team or teams. Director Role : After that, you could become a Marketing Director . You're making big decisions on how to market things, where to invest the marketing budget, and reporting back to other stakeholders on your overall marketing performance. The Executives : Climbing higher, you might become a VP of Marketing and then a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) . You're a top executive now, establishing priorities, budgets and marketing strategies. With big titles come big responsibilities—you're now on the hook for how marketing is driving revenue. The Top : The ultimate goal? Becoming a Chief Revenue Officer . You're in charge of all things that make the company money including both marketing and sales. So, there you have it! Whether you want to be the mastermind behind multiple client strategies or climb the corporate marketing ladder, there are plenty of exciting paths to explore. Who knows? With hard work and creativity, one of these amazing roles could be yours one day! 🌟🚀📈
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